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Industrial Sewing Machines
Industrial Sewing Machines
Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial Sewing Machines have been designed and manufactured with very high preciseness and care, for a continuous run with high performance and durability in serial production. It is also designed to run at a higher speed so that higher productivity can be realized especially for mass production.

Industrial Sewing Machine can be grouped into different categories such as Lockstitch Machine, Overlock Machines (IP), Interlock and Coverstitch, Button and Buttonhole, Heavy Duty Machines and More.

Browse our picks of the best industrial sewing machines below. At LSN, we have various Brands of Industrial Sewing Machines such as Typical, Gemsy, Juki, Jack, and Singer.

Note: Direct Drive Sewing Machine comes with a Built-In High-Efficiency Servo Motor. Direct Drives also does not require a belt and allow for a more precise, smooth, and efficient transfer of movement, increasing the productivity of the Operator.

Note: Industrial Sewing Machine(s) comes with a 1-Year Warranty.